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Reiseplanung fängt mit KAYAK an. Vergleiche Flugdeals nach Tel Aviv und spare jetzt. Finde passende Flugangebote für dich und buche jetzt deinen Flug günstig Entdecke Tel Aviv. Finde jetzt deinen Flug. Finde günstige Flüge nach Tel Aviv

Popular sherut lines run between major cities i.e. Tel Aviv and Jerusalem or between Tel Aviv and Netanya, as well as from major cities to smaller cities. Sometimes, however, you might need to take a sherut between two big cities and then a sherut from the big city to a nearby town Wenn Sie vom Flughafen Ben Gurion nach Tel Aviv oder Jerusalem (50 Shekel) fahren möchten, empfiehlt es sich, ein Sherut (Sammeltaxi) zu nehmen. Zum öffentlichen Bus gelangen Sie nur über einen Zubringer-Bus, das Sherut ist direkt am Ausgang des Flughafens Sheruts from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem depart from outside the central bus station in Tel Aviv and is the most convenient way to travel there. The other way, there are sheruts leaving to Tel Aviv from.. The sherut from Tel Aviv (city) to Jerusalem costs 24 or 25 shekels (I forget exactly, I asked a few weeks ago for somebody) on weekdays, and 34 or 35 shekels (likewise) on Shabbat. There is no extra charge for luggage, but you can't take large amounts of luggage because there is nowhere to put it Salut allerseits, meine Freundin und ich wollen morgen (Samstag 23.3.19) mit einem Sammeltaxi von Tel Aviv nach Jerusalem fahren, am besten vormittags gg 08 Uhr. Falls jemand Interesse hat, gerne melden: b.e.k@gmx.d

New resident of Tel Aviv, I'm trying to take a sherut from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem this Saturday. Do they run? It sounds like they leave from the Central Bus Terminal, is that the terminal off of Levinski? I've been reading they leave when full. Is there a certain time I need to be there by or are there multiples that leave more or less on a schedule throughout the day? Thanks so much for. A sherut will not take you to your destination in Tel Aviv. It goes only (nonstop) from near Zion Square (corner of King George and Ben-Yehuda in Jerusalem) to the Tel Aviv central bus station. From there you would need to take some other form of transport. But the bus is more convenient and reliable It's true that the Tel Aviv CBS is massive and unappealing. In this case, though, it is so close to your destination that in my opinion it makes more sense to take the 405 to Tel Aviv CBS, or a sherut. You could then get a take a short taxi ride to Jaffa clock tower rather than struggling to find the right bus. Even at the train station. Somit geht es vom Terminal 3 aus in jeweils knapp einer viertel Stunde mit dem Zug sowohl nach Tel Aviv als auch nach Jerusalem. Es lohnt es sich dann also kaum noch, mit dem Auto, Taxi, Bus oder Sherut vom Flughafen nach Jerusalem zu fahren. Den ICE besitzt die israelische Eisenbahn derzeit nur als Modell Do you know how long usually sherut take to get from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem= Report inappropriate content . Shuffaluff. Israel. Destination Expert. for Israel. Level Contributor . 22,715 posts. 4. Re: Sherut on Shabbat . 2 years ago. Save. Travel time is about one hour, same as with any other vehicle. But the vehicle won't leave until it's full (10 passengers) and there is no knowing how long.

Am Flughafen Ben Gurion bei Tel Aviv bringen Sherut Taxi Passagiere für rund zehn Euro nach Jerusalem. (© Matthias Hinrichsen) Am Ben Gurion-Flughafen in Tel Aviv werden Sie das erste Mal auf die Sherut Taxi (Sammeltaxi) aufmerksam. Wenn Sie aus dem Haupteingang gehen, stehen links die normalen Taxis und rechts warten die Sherut Taxi Sheruts run from Ben Gurion Airport to Jerusalem and Haifa. They can be picked up from the ground floor arrivals area (near the taxi rank) and run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, making them especially useful on Saturday when public transport is otherwise minimal To add to mbgg post, Sherut from the airport costs 61.90 NIS if you want it to take you to your address, or 39.80 NIS to drop you at the city center. (the 35 NIS is for Sherut from Tel Aviv city to Jerusalem on Saturdays) Although the airport is labeled Tel Aviv in the destination lists, it's actually NOT in Tel Aviv

During the week, the Jerusalem - Tel Aviv sherut pickup locations are right by the Central Bus Station AND HaNevi'im and Monbaz corner, near Zion Square Regular fare on the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv route is NIS 23 for a one-way journey (NIS 33 for Sabbath trips), compared to NIS 18 for a one-way bus ticket. Some people prefer the buses' plush seats and steady pace - sherut drivers are known to be a tad heavy on the gas pedal

Das ideale öffentliche Verkehrsmittel am Schabbat! Am populärsten sind die Linien 4 und 5, die die gleiche Strecke wie die Busse fahren, allerdings kann man sie auch zwischen den Haltestellen heran winken. Fahrt ist deutlich preisgünstiger als ein. A unique sharing taxi service in Israel. Sherut are taxis (10 - 12 seater vans) that generally follow major bus routes & mostly operate between major cities. Pricewise, sherut taxi fares are a set price & are similar to public bus fares. They normally reach their destination faster & tend to be less crowded. Sherut operating hours extend longer into the night. A sherut taxi will leave.

Unless you are planning to do this on a Saturday there is no real benefit to making this trip by sherut - you will be much more comfortable taking an express bus from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem - they are comfortable, safe and leave every 10 minutes while the sherut will only leave once all 10 seats are full.. The 480 bus leaves from the Arlozorov Terminal directly to Jerusalem's Central Bus Station

Getting from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem can be a challenge for both tourists and locals unfamiliar with the public transportation. The most preferable, and most used method is by bus, but visitors might also want to take advantage of a tour group, or a private transfer. The bus is a direct line, cutting straight across the land on the highways, and while the train might appear to be a good option. Tel Aviv to Jerusalem is approximately 67 km/42 miles and can be easily be reached typically in under an hour Tel Aviv und Jerusalem mögen charakterlich zwar Welten auseinander liegen, aber es ist wirklich einfach und schnell von Tel Aviv nach Jerusalem und zurück zu reisen. Mit dem Auto. Für all jene, die bei ihrem Israelaufenthalt ein Auto mieten, gibt es im Wesentlichen zwei Straßen zwischen Tel Aviv und Jerusalem: die Landstraße 443 über Modi'in oder die Landstraße 1. Wenn Sie auf der. Jerusalem Branch: 23Ben Yehuda, Jerusalem 94624 Tel:1-599-500-205 | Tel:02-6257227 Fax: 02-6241114 B.G. Airport: 02 - 6222553 | 02 - 6231231 roni@neshertours.co.i The fastest way to get to Tel Aviv is to take a sherut (a 10-seat... The WHO has classified Coronavirus (COVID-19) as a global pandemic. Golan Heights Day Trip from Jerusalem or Tel Aviv. $135. and up. Details. Safed, Tiberias, Mt Meron from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. $175. and up. Details. More tickets & tours. Details. 050 755-9282 . Hours:5am-7pm or later Sun-Thu, to 2.30pm Fri. Price.

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  1. g. And will cost you 7 shekels per person. If the
  2. Die Fahrt von Jerusalem zum Flughafen Ben-Gurion dauert etwa 25 Minuten und die Fahrt von Jerusalem nach Tel Aviv (HaHagana Station) dauert etwa 45 Minuten. Ab dem 25. Dezember 2018 und bis zum 24. August 2019 erhalten Fahrgäste, die am Ben-Gurion Airport Station Tickets für die Hochgeschwindigkeitsstrecke kaufen, eine Ermäßigung von 50% auf ihre Zugtickets
  3. Answer 1 of 29: Where does one go to find out the schedule of Sheruts from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem?

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Near the end of our April trip in Israel, we will be turning in our rental car in Jerusalem and after 2 nights will return to Tel Aviv for the last few nights. We will have a lot of luggage (2 large bags and 2 carry-on size) so I was thinking it might be easier to get a sherut than the regular bus The Sherut from Ben Gurion int'l to Jerusalem has 2 taarifs: 39.80 NIS - drop you at the city center. 61.90 NIS - drop you at your address (i.e hotel). Price is per person. Report inappropriate content . Oreet-S. Israel. Destination Expert. for Israel. Level Contributor . 23,754 posts. 122 reviews. 50 helpful votes. 8. Re: Sherut Service from Ben Gurion to Jerusalem? 7 years ago. Save. What. Der Preis beträgt 32,50 Shekel (ca. 7,60 Euro; Mai 2019) und umfasst Bahn, Straßenbahn und Bus in Tel Aviv und Jerusalem für den ganzen Tag (Tagesticket). Von Jerusalem zum Flughafen Ben Gurion verkehren die Züge ab 6.30 Uhr im 30-Minuten-Takt bis 21.30 Uhr, freitags verkehren keine Züge (!), am Shabbat fahren zwei Züge: 21.54 Uhr und 22.54 Uhr

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  1. The sherut between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv runs 24/7, every day of the year (except Yom Kippur). Same with the sherut between Tel Aviv and Haifa (but there is no sherut on any day between Jerusalem and Haifa). Haifa to Akko should be easy by sherut. From Haifa to the airport on October 8, your only option is the Amal shuttle (referred to in your other thread). It will pick you up from any.
  2. Es gibt Sammeltaxis (Sherut), die zwischen den Central Bus Stations von Tel Aviv und Jerusalem verkehren. Eine Fahrt kostet 24 Schekel (Stand 2015). Die Sheruts fahren ab, wenn sie voll sind. Ebenso verkehren Linienbusse zwischen den Central Bus Stations, Preis ca. 18 Shekel. Die Fahrtzeit beträgt etwa eine Stunde, mit dem Sherut etwa 40 Minuten. Mit einem normalen Taxi zahlt man zu viert.
  3. Answer 1 of 9: Some posts concerning this theme are a view years old. So perhaps something changed. I stay already 1 month in Jerusalem. My husband will arrive next friday night at Ben Gurion and I want to pick him. So I thought of going at a beach during the day..
  4. adav, Even Sapir, Kiryat Anavim, Beit Nekofa, Abu Ghosh, Zova, Sho'eva, Har Adar, Netef, Ma'ale Hahamisha, Kiryat Ye'arim, Neve Ilan, Shoresh, Beit Meir, Ramat Raziel, Kisalon, and Ma'ale Adumim.
  5. i-van which can run 24/7. There are no personal door-to-door pick-ups but you can catch a Sherut from Tzemach David Street near the central bus station or wave one down on the street. There are no official bus stops but there is a.
  6. Die einfache Fahrt von Tel Aviv nach Jerusalem kostet derzeit NIS 19,50. Bei Langstrecken, besonders nach Elat, können Sie einige Tage vorher sogar einen Platz buchen. Mit wenigen Ausnahmen verkehren die Busse nicht am Sabbat, vom späten Freitagnachmittag bis zum Samstagabend. In den meisten Gegenden beginnt der Busverkehr gegen 5.00 Uhr. In der Regel fahren die Überlandbusse bis zum Abend.
  7. i-van with a seating capacity of 8 to 10..
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Sherut- The best transport for a first timer to get to Jerusalem from Ben Gurion Airport. It is a 10 seat mini van. Sherut's drivers can send the passenger straight to the hotel Answer 1 of 15: Hi, I was planning to leave Tel Aviv and go to Jerusalem on Saturday Morning. Being Shabbat I believe sheruts are the more convenient way to travel. Do you know where sheruts leave you in Jerusalem? And are there taxi that can bring me from the..

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  1. Flughafen Tel Aviv - Ben Gurion (TLV) - Jerusalem(Economy) Shuttle Direct booking service No he podido usar sus servicios porque tuve que cancelar mi viaje por el tema del Coronavirus, pero en cuanto les informé de mi situación, me contestaron en breve espacio de tiempo y me devolvieron inmediatamente el dinero
  2. The bus from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem is frequent, fast, and cheap, and the best way to get from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in most cases. Leaving from two places in Tel Aviv and arriving at the Jerusalem Central Bus Station, the journey takes about one hour and runs frequently every day other than Shabbat (Friday sunset to Saturday sunset). buses from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. There are two buses from.
  3. The sherut goes along Namir Rd in Tel-Aviv. You can ask the driver to let you off anywhere along the route. Similarly you can flag down a sherut with empty seats anywhere on Namir when going back. Report inappropriate content . 5. Re: Sherut on Shabbat from Tel Aviv to Netanya . 14 Jun 2020, 06:41-:- Message from Tripadvisor staff -:-This topic has been closed to new posts due to inactivity.
  4. How to Reach Eretz Israel Museum - Tel Aviv. Transport: Bus Von Tel Aviv zum Caesarea National Park. Transport: Bus, Zug How to Reach Masada - The Dead Sea. Transport: Bus How to Reach the caves of Qumran - Near the Dead Sea. Transport: Bus Vom Flughafen Ramon zum Toten Meer.
  5. Answer 1 of 5: I need to get from Tel Aviv to Netanya and back on Shabbat. As public transport not available and a taxi very expensive, can one take a sherut? Where do I find one and what is the price? How often do they run? Thank you in advance
  6. Sherut Unterwegs in Tel Aviv und Israel (Transportmittel) 25. Juni 2016 24. Januar 2017 christoph. Israel (allgemein) Wer keine Reise mit einem Touristenbus buchen möchte, kann im wesentlichen auf Taxi, Überlandbus und Zug zurückgreifen. Die Wahl des Transportmittels ist wesentlich vom Ziel beeinflusst. Küstennah empfiehlt sich der Zug. Nach Jerusalem der Überlandbus. Es ist nahezu.

Sherut. Intercity shared taxis (yellow vans) depart from the central bus station 24/7 and will take you to the center of Jerusalem (central bus station followed by Zion Square). Sheruts leave when they have ten passengers and cost 24 NIS during the day and 30 NIS overnight after buses have stopped running. By train. There is a direct train route from Tel Aviv-HaHagana rail station (near the. A single journey should cost you 62 NIS (USD or euro equivalent accepted). Sheruts run 24/7. Jerusalem-Tel Aviv High-Speed Railway Line The new Tel Aviv - Jerusalem railway line was officially launched on the 25th of September 2018 Unterwegs am Samstag: Es fahren keine Busse, aber Sherut-Sammeltaxis und Taxis fahren. Unterwegs von nach/von Tel Aviv. Distanzen: Tel Aviv nach Jerusalem - 70 km, etwa 1 Stunde Fahrtdauer Tel Aviv nach Haifa - 95 km, etwa 1 und 1/2 Stunde Fahrtdauer Tel Aviv zum Flughafen Ben Gurion - 15 km, etwa 30 Minuten Fahrtdauer Tel Aviv nach Masada - 161 km, etwas zwei Stunden Fahrtdauer. Nach.

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Israel's public bus company, Egged, offers comfortable, air-conditioned buses between Jerusalem and other cities in Israel, including Tel Aviv. The bus leaves from the Jerusalem central bus station, and tickets can either be purchased at a ticket booth with cash or credit card, or on the bus with cash. Students are entitled to a discount upon presentation of a valid international student. #onlyinisrael #sherut תלאביב# This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queu

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Answer 1 of 7: Wife & I will be wanting to travel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem on Sunday March 17. Thinking that Sherut would be best bet as our air BnB is 5 min walk from Zion Square. I've read that taking luggage on a Sherut can be a problem. Will have.. Answer 1 of 11: Shalom, If I were to take train to Tel Aviv (some says the scenery is better when taking train), roughly how much taxi fare so I need to pay from Yafo st to malha train station on a Sunday midday ? And also another taxi from hahagana to.. When last checked the fare on the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv route is NIS 23 for a one-way journey (NIS 33 for Sabbath trips) Tzemach David Street is the street that lies beside Tel Aviv's Central Bus Station and is the pick-up spot for the sheruts. The sherut will display the destination Jerusalem on the dashboard

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Our ride on the Sherut to Tel Aviv - YouTube A form of public transportation in Jerusalem. A van like bus where people load up and head to a city. Quite the trip..crazy drivers too Israel Train; Taxi & Sherut; Private flights; Rentals & services; Tour planner; Photos of Israel; Israel Travel Forum; Upcoming Events; Petra - FAQ; Tips & Extras; Useful links; Homepage > GOOD TO KNOW > Transportation > Taxi & Sherut; Tel Aviv Taxi. Taxi Dispatcher Stations in Tel Aviv . Kastel Taxi Tel Aviv Phone 03 699 2255. Gordon Taxi Tel Aviv Phone 03 527 2999. New York Taxi Tel Aviv.

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But sheruts (shared taxis) run 24/7 between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. They go from outside the Tel Aviv central bus station, on Tzemach David Street. They are 10-seater minibuses and leave when they are full, so there is no knowing how long you will have to wait. Just so you know, Easter isn't a holiday in Israel Answer 1 of 5: Hello, I would like only to confirm that the sheruts departures from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv C. Center also during a shabbat - Friday afternoon/evening 4pm-8pm. I assume that the sheruts departs without changes - outside of Central Bus Station..

Zwar ist nicht Tel Aviv-Jaffa (oft auch nur Tel Aviv genannt), sondern Jerusalem die Hauptstadt und das religiöse Zentrum des Landes. In Tel Aviv-Jaffa schlägt dafür aber das Herz der jungen, offenen und liberalen Bevölkerung!. Für mich ist Tel Aviv eine perfekte Mischung aus Kultur, hippen Cafés und der Inbegriff eines modernen Israels. Für Deinen Besuch in Tel Aviv empfehle ich Dir. Answer 1 of 12: Hello friends, I arrive Ben Gurion 4pm, Friday 1 Dec. As I am Indian, security may be 3 hours so expect to leave airport about 7pm. (I have a British passport, am coming to see Christian sites and hiking.) My room is booked at Tiberias from Dec.. Otherwise, there are yellow sherut taxis leaving from Tel Aviv central bus station, 4th floor, during most hours of the day. including Saturday. They take an hour and a half from Tel Aviv, and cost 35ish shekels, depending on the mood of the driver. You can get from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv either by taking the 405 bus, or sherut taxis from near zion square

Answer 1 of 13: Where is the station of sherut from Jerusalem? have read some say at Zion Square, some say at Jerusalem Central Bus station. which is the correct place Bus und Sammeltaxi (Sherut) In Tel Aviv verkehren zwei große Busunternehmen, Dan und Egged. Der Tel Aviver Stadtverkehr wird fast ausschließlich von Dan bestritten, Egged-Busse fahren Überlandstrecken. Die städtischen Buslinien haben eine guten Takt und ein ordentliches enges Netz Answer 21 of 29: Where does one go to find out the schedule of Sheruts from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem?

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If East Jerusalem is considered part of Israel, Tel Aviv is the country's second most populous city after Jerusalem; if not, Tel Aviv is the most populous city before West Jerusalem. - Wikipedia. Things to do in Tel Aviv. White City The White City (Hebrew: העיר הלבנה, Ha-Ir ha-Levana) refers to a collection of over 4,000 buildings built in a unique form of the Bauhaus or International. Mai 1948 rief David Ben-Gurion in Tel Aviv den Staat Israel aus. Das Gebäude steht am Rothschild Boulevard und kann besichtigt werden Die Tel Aviv Central Bus Station (hebräisch הַתַּחֲנָה הַמֶּרְכָּזִית הַחֲדָשָׁה Ha-Tachanah Ha-Merkasīt Ha-Chadaschah, deutsch ‚die Neue Zentrale Station') ist der Zentrale Omnibusbahnhof (ZOB) in Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Israel.Das von dem israelischen Architekten Ram Karmi 1967 geplante und 1993 eröffnete Verkehrsbauwerk beherbergt zudem ein 7-stöckiges.

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I need to travel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem on a Saturday, but as a first-timer in Israel I have no idea what transport runs/doesn't run on Shabbat. Can anyone tell me the best way of doing this? Thanks, John. View last reply. Report. 1. shuffaluff. ONLINE. Sat, 16 Nov 2013 15:51:28 +0000. From Tel Aviv the city or the airport? If you mean Tel Aviv the city, you can take a sherut (shared taxi. Tel Aviv's second bus station, the open-air Arlozorov Bus Terminal adjoins the Tel Aviv Savidor Merkaz train station northeast of the city centre. To get there, take bus 61 (6.90NIS), which goes along Allenby, King George, Dizengoff and Arlozorov Sts, or bus 10 which goes along Ben Yehuda St. If staying in the centre or the north, Egged bus 480 (16NIS, one hour, every 10 minutes) is the most. History Tours Western Wall Tunnels 360 3D Tour Holy City Tour Jerusalem Day Tour from Tel Aviv Gaza Border Reality from Jerusalem Show All. Culinary & Nighlife Tours Tel Aviv Pub Crawl Other Tel Aviv - Food, Culture, People Culinary Market Experience in Jerusalem Local Food Experience in Tel Aviv Show All. Desert Tours Judean Desert Jeep Tour Eilat Desert Jeep Tour Petra Tour From Jerusalem, 2. Gegen Regierungslinie: Tel Aviv führt Busse am Sabbat ein, Benjamin Hammer, ARD-Hörfunkstudio Tel Aviv, 31.10.19 16:14 Uhr | audio Aus dem Archiv Israel und Jordanien: Der Frieden hält.

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While the distance between the two cities is around 50 kilometers, the two cities have a very different personality. We enjoy spending a weekend in Jerusalem from time to time, or just visiting the city. Coming for a weekend to Jerusalem, we fee.. The Sherut from Ben Gurion int'l to Jerusalem has 2 taarifs: 39.80 NIS - drop you at the city center. 61.90 NIS - drop you at your address (i.e hotel). Price is per person. Report inappropriate content . Oreet-S. Israel. Destination Expert. for Israel. Level Contributor . 23,766 posts. 122 reviews. 50 helpful votes. 8. Re: Sherut Service from Ben Gurion to Jerusalem? 7 years ago. Save. What. Gibt es auch nachts Sherut Taxis von der Tel Aviv Central Bus Station zum Ben Gurion Airport?Ich kenne die Verbindungen nur vom Tage her. Öieben Gruß, David. Sherut Taxi zum Tel Aviv Airport . Reisen & Urlaub. Reisen allgemein. David2. 12. November 2019 um 06:51 #1. Gibt es auch nachts Sherut Taxis von der Tel Aviv Central Bus Station zum Ben Gurion Airport?Ich kenne die Verbindungen nur vom. Answer 1 of 8: I am just starting the planning of our trip to Israel in October 2010. At this point I am just doing the basics so when we book our flights I am able to choose dates, etc. So....I have been doing searches, etc.,and perhaps I have just overloaded... Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv Tourism Tel Aviv Hotels Tel Aviv Bed and Breakfast Tel Aviv Vacation Packages Flights to Tel Aviv Tel Aviv.

Die Anreise nach Tel Aviv. Die Israel Einreise ist relativ unkompliziert, ihr benötigt lediglich einen Reisepass, der eine Gültigkeit von mindestens sechs Monaten (über das Reisedatum hinaus) aufweisen muss. Solltet ihr Einreisestempel aus arabischen Ländern in eurem Pass haben, müsst ihr euch auf längere Sicherheitskontrollen und Fragen zu euren Reisen einstellen. Ein Visum benötigt. Israel Railways operates a train from Tel Aviv Center to Netanya hourly. Tickets cost ₪ 15 - ₪ 21 and the journey takes 29 min. Alternatively, Metropoline operates a bus from ת. רכבת ת''א מרכז/דרך נמיר to Herzl/Mintz hourly. Tickets cost ₪ 5 - ₪ 8 and the journey takes 29 min. Kavim Public Transport Lines also services this route 5 times a week

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Neu- Jerusalem; Jerusalem III; Tel Aviv Galiläa; Tel Aviv und Jaffa; Israel - ein Fazit ; Israel - jetzt erst recht ! Israel-Reisebericht | Reisezeit: Januar / Februar 2013 | von Sabine H. Drucken; Kommentieren; Tel Aviv. Nachdem ich ausgecheckt und meine Hotelrechnung bezahlt hatte, schleifte ich meine Reisetasche zum Sherut-Parkplatz hoch, musste nur ca. 15 Minuten warten, bis das. Für eine Fahrt im Sherut vom Flughafen bspw. nach Jerusalem bezahlt man den Gegenwert von etwa 8 Euro. Achtung: Auf dem David-Ben-Gurion-Airport kommt es insbesondere für Ausreisende zu längeren Sicherheitskontrollen, die sich zwischen 30 Minuten und 2 ½ Stunden hinziehen können. Ein rechtzeitiges Erscheinen vor Ort ist also ratsam. Sde-Dow (auch Sde Dov) Der Stadtflughafen von Tel Aviv.

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