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Hayley Traumzerstörerin Smith ist die Schwester von Steve und die Tochter von Francine und Stan. In manchen Episoden ist sie Vegetarierin, in manchen nicht. Ebenso ist sie manchmal Atheistin, manchmal nicht. Sie wird vom Kontrollwahn ihres Vater nicht verschont. Sie ist 18 Jahre alt, linksliberal, gegen Waffengesetzte, für Schwule und Lesben, hält die Terrorwarnungen der CIA für. Hayley Dreamsmasher Smith-Fischer (born May 8, 1987) is one of the main characters of American Dad!. She is eldest child of Francine and Stan Smith. Hayley, has a younger brother, Steve. They reside in Langley Falls, Virginia. The family also has a fish named Klaus. Hayley is an extreme Liberal. While her views are usually the exact opposite of her father's, she tends to enforce them on people. Hayley Smith, Seal Team Six Hayley mentally regresses to a 6-year-old. Season: 11 Episode: 03 Total Episode Count: 193 Prod. no.: AAJN03 First Aired: February 8, 2016 Featuring: Hayley Also Appearing: Francine, Stan, Steve, Klaus, Roger, Steve, Barry, Toshi, Snot, Jeff Fischer, Avery Bullock... Hayley Smith, Seal Team Six - American Dad! Wiki - Roger, Steve, Stan. Games Movies TV Video. Wikis. Welcome to the American Dad!Wiki, an encyclopedia of all things presented in the television show American Dad! created by Seth MacFarlane.This site uses MediaWiki software, which allows any user to edit or create pages. This was started March 12, 2007, and currently contains 4,669 articles

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Hayley Dreamsmasher Smith-Fischer is one of the main characters ofthe animated television series American Dad!. She is voiced by Rachael MacFarlane, the younger sister of one of the series co-creators, Seth MacFarlane, she also voicedMiss Tammy. 1 Background 2 Series' Progression 3 Skills and Abilities 4 Heroic Acts 5 See also 6 Navigation Hayley is the stepdaughter of Stan and Francine Smith. American Dad! is the second cartoon sitcom from the creator of Family Guy, Seth MacFarlane, along with Matt Weitzman and Mike Barker.A pillory of American ultra conservatism played out on Rupert Murdoch's network, it follows the daily life of initially-paranoid and extremely patriotic CIA agent Stan Smith, his over-protective wife Francine, nerdy teenage son Steve, and liberal and rebellious. American Dad!'s seventh season began airing on October 3, 2010.It ended after 19 episodes on May 22, 2011. Guest stars of this season include Jason Alexander, Sarah Chalke, Hector Elizondo, Anthony Michael Hall, Hayden Panettiere, Lou Diamond Phillips and Burt Reynold Jeff Fischer ist Hayleys Mann. Sie findet ihn zuweilen langweilig, da er ihr nie widerspricht und sich mit allem einverstanden erklärt. Jeff ist wie Hayley politisch eher linksalternativ. Er tritt in der Serie mehrere Male bekifft auf. Da er kein gutes Verhältnis zu seinem Vater hat und seine Mutter die Familie verlassen hat, lebt er in einem Wohnmobil, das in einigen Episoden vor dem Haus.

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Hayley ist Vegetarierin, für rigide Waffengesetze, für Frauen-, Immigranten- und Schwulenrechte. Sie wollte nie, dass George W. Bush Präsident wird, und macht ihn für alles Schlechte in den USA verantwortlich. Hayley ist vielleicht Kifferin wie ihr Ehemann Jeff Fisher. Wenn Hayley ausgeht dann verfolgt Stan Smith sie This article's content is marked as Mature The page Hayley Smith/Gallery contains mature content that may include coarse language, sexual references, and/or graphic violent images which may be disturbing to some. Mature pages are recommended for those who are 18 years of age and older. If you are 18 years or older or are comfortable with graphic material, you are free to view this page

American Dad! 's sixteenth season premiered on TBS on April 15, 2019, and concluded on April 27, 2020. The season had an 8-month hiatus from August 26, 2019 to April 20, 2020, Although April 13 had the Season 17 premiere. Episodes. No. overall No. in season Title Directed by Written by Original air date Prod. code US viewers (millions) 257: 1 Fantasy Baseball Jansen Yee: Tim Saccardo: April. Hayley is the boring adopted child of Stan and Francine. she is often regarded as just a pot smoking loser by her own adoptive parents. Her adoptive father (Stan Smith) has stated in numerous episodes that he wishes that he never adopted Hayley, as he see's her as just a lowlife, pot smoking hooker. There is some facial similarities between Hayley and Francine, but Francine is in no way.

American Dad is a amerikanische Zeichentrickserie vom Seth MacFarlane, vo dem wo aa da Family Guy kimt. Es is a Parodie afs amerikanische Spiessadum. Es gehd um de Gschicht vo ana exzentrischn Famij: Am Vodan Stan Smith, CIA Agent, seim Wei Francine Smith, Hausfrau, dena Kinda Hayley Smith, Studentin und Steve Smith Gymnasiast.Dazua keman no drei weidane Typn, de wo a Haptroin spuin: da Jeff. Welcome to the Wiki Edit. This is the un-official American Dad Wikia. Seasons Edit. Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4 Season 5 Season 6 Season 7 Season 8 Season 9 . Split Personalities Edit. The show itself has taken on a life and will of its own Nemo the Anti-Christis a character in American Dad!. He is the main antagonist in the episodes Season's Beatings and Rapture's Delight. He was Jeff and Hayley's adopted son but is actually the Anti-Christ, the son of Satan. In Season's Beatings, Jeff was seen bringing Nemo in the house, announcing that he'd adopt him as his own child. Hayley and Francine quickly became fond of him. Du kannst American Dad & Family Guy Wiki helfen, indem du ihn erweiterst. Stan Smith Charakter: Alter: 42 Herkunft: Langley Falls Augenfarbe: - Haarfarbe: Schwarz Arbeit: CIA Agent Sprecher: Seth MacFarlane: Dt. Srecher: Detlef Bierstedt: Stanley/Staniel/Stanford Stan Smith arbeitet für die CIA und ist ständig auf der Hut vor Terroranschlägen. Nebenbei nutzt er seinen beruflichen Status.

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Hayley Sings is the debut album by Rachael MacFarlane, younger sister of Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane. Produced by veteran producer Allen Sviridoff, the album was released on September 25, 2012. Hayley Sings; Studio album by . Rachael MacFarlane. Released: September 25, 2012 () Recorded: 2012: Genre: Smooth jazz; vocal jazz; Length: 56: 12: Label: Girl Singer, Concord: Producer: Allen. Hier findet ihr eine Liste aller American Dad Folgen. Die Serie startete in den USA bei Fox am 6. Februar 2005 nach dem Super Bowl. Zum ersten Mal im deutschen Fernsehen gabs American Dad! bei MTV am 3. Mai 2006. Hier findet ihr eine genaue Liste der deutschen American Dad DVDs As I got home, I looked at the VHS tape, and was typed in Comic Sans font as HAYLEY AD LOST EPISODE, probably assuming that it is a lost American Dad episode. That must be awesome! I mean, I am an American Dad fan and I do believe there are a lot of lost episodes in real life. The weird thing is the picture. It's not really American Dad-related, but more of an unneccesarry picture of George. Hayley Dreamsmasher Smith (born May 8, 1967) is a character from the animated television series American Dad!.She is voiced by Rachael MacFarlane, the younger sister of one of the series co-creators, Seth MacFarlane.. Hayley, along with her father Stan, was one of the first two characters that were thought of and created for the series.. During the series, Hayley's storylines is usually about.

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  1. Hayley Smith (American Dad!) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia {{Multiple issues| Hayley Smith; American Dad! character: First appearance Pilot Created by: Seth MacFarlane Mike Barker Matt Weitzman: Voiced by: Laura Prepon (unaired pilot), Rachael MacFarlane (official) Information; Occupation : Sales representative at SYNTHO-CORP (laid off) Bartender at Roger's Place (formerly) Air.
  2. American Dad -Hayley and Reginald share Secret. This feature is not available right now. Please try again later
  3. American Dad. From DrinkiWiki. Jump to: navigation, search. Share . Drink When . Roger changes costume (twice if he also changes gender) Stan references the CIA; Francine acts like a stereotypical house wife (cooking, cleaning, etc) Klaus speaks (twice if he says anything in German) Roger references time before living with the Smiths (twice if he talks about before he came to Earth) Toshi.
  4. Hayley Smith; Steve Smith; Staffel 1. American Dad Staffel 1; Pilot; Radikale Maßnahmen; Vatersorgen; Liebe auf den zweiten Blick; Roger auf Tour; Heimatschutz; Staffeln. Staffel 1 Staffel 2 Staffel 3 Staffel 4 Staffel 5 Staffel 6 Staffel 7 Community. Letzte Blog-Beiträge Forum Erkunden. Wiki-Aktivität; Zufällige Seite; Videos; Bilder; Weibliche Charaktere. Kategorienseite. Bearbeiten.
  5. Klaus Heisleris a major character inthe american sitcom series American Dad!. He was voiced by Dee Bradley Baker. He was once an East German Olympic ski-jumper until his brainwaves were switched with that of a goldfish in the 1986 Winter Olympics by the CIA to prevent him from winning the gold medal. His original body died, most likely to hypothermia. Klaus's original human body went.
  6. Jeff Fischeris Hayley Smith Fischer's hippie boyfriend and then later husband from American Dad. He is voiced by a real-life voice actor of the same name. 1 Personality 2 Gallery 3 Similar Heroes 4 Navigation He is known to be a 'stoner', and lived in his van for some time. He seems to be extremely easy going; He was dumped by Hayley in Bullocks To Stan for being a push-over. However, Stan.
  7. Avery Bullock ist stellvertretender Direktor der CIA und Stan Smiths 58-jähriger Chef. Was Terrorismus betrifft, ist er genau so nervös wie Stan, aber um einiges weniger paranoid und meistens auch kompetenter als Stan. Einmal hatte Bullock eine Beziehung zu Hayley Smith, obwohl er verheiratet ist. Seine Frau wurde in der irakischen Stadt Fallujah gefangen gehalten, da Bullock nicht mit.

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Lost in Space is the eighteenth episode of the ninth season of American Dad!. The episode aired on May 5, 2013, on Fox's Animation Domination lineup. The episode was written by series co-creator Mike Barker and directed by series regular Chris Bennett. Lost in Space was promoted as episode 150 by Fox and numerous mainstream media reports; it is actually episode 151, while the episode The. Roger The Alien, shortly known asRogeris the deuteragonist and central antagonist of American Dad!. He is an alien who lives in theSmith family's attic. Stan feels he owes Roger his life after being saved by the alien at Area 51 four years prior to the show beginning, until in the episode You DebtYour Life when Stan saves Roger's life. Roger then tries to win back Stan through another life. Francine Lee Smith (née Ling and Dawson) is the tritagonist of American Dad!. She is also the wife of Stan Smith, and the mother of Hayley Smith and Steve Smith. Despite she is genuinely a gentle, caring and sweet woman, she has a cruel, sadistic and psychopathic side of her personality, she becomes a neglectful mother toward her children as the series progresses. She is voiced by Wendy. American Dad! Season09 Episode 020 All rights belong to American Dad Studios, not me. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_Dad! https://twitter.com/America.. In this episode, Francine reveals she's battling breast cancer. Stan breaks his neck but Roger's still with Francine at the hospital. So Hayley and Steve team up to work together and finds a blonde girl. Guest Starring: Isabel May as Kayla, Ryan Lee as James, Bryce Cass as Zac, Kwesi Boakye as Cody, Ashley Boettcher as Emma, Teala Dunn as Chloe and Kevin Quinn as Matthe

American Dad! is an American adult animated sitcom created by Seth MacFarlane, Mike Barker, and Matt Weitzman for the Fox Broadcasting Company. American Dad! is the first television series to have its inception onAnimation Domination. The series premiere aired on February 6, 2005, following Super Bowl XXXIX, three months before the rest of the first season aired as part of the Animation. Hayley ist die Tochter von Francine und Stan Smith. Sie ist mit Jeff Fisher verheiratet. Und sie ist (anders wie ihr Vater) ein ziehmlicher Öko-Freak. Mit ihrem Vater hat sie kein so gutes Verhältnis. Sie ist 19 Jahre alt und studiert am örtlichen College. Hayley ist Vegetarierin, für rigide Waffengesetze, für Frauen-, Immigranten- und Schwulenrechte und hält die Terrorwarnungen der. Nov 5, 2018 - Explore Ashley Stevenson's board american dad bound hayley costume, followed by 600 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about American dad, Dads, American Roger's past comes back to haunt him as American Dad becomes the 25th scripted primetime show in the history of television to reach 300 episodes. Current Episode (aired 7 Sep. 2020) The Last Ride of the Dodge City Rambler. The Smiths take a trip to visit Francine's aunt on an old steam locomotive that gets hijacked. Season: OR . Year: 2016. S11, Ep1. 25 Jan. 2016 Roots. 7.1 (349) 0. Rate. 1. Fan Art of Hayley for Fans of American Dad 3615980

81 Infos zu Hayley Smith - wie 57 Profile, 2 Weblinks und vieles mehr.. DaveGrrrrrrruly's parody of American Dad!. Cast: Stan Smith - Carl Wheezer (Jimmy Neutron) Francine Smith - Rosalina (Super Mario Galaxy) Steve Smith - Leo (Little Einsteins) Hayley Smith - June (Little Einsteins) Roger Smith - Olaf (Frozen) Klaus Heissler - Marlin (Finding Nemo) Jeff Fischer - Lone Star (Spaceballs) Avery Bullock - Dad (Angry Dad Francine Smith (née Ling, formerly Dawson ) (Born September 26, 1967) is the overall tritagonist of American Dad!. She is the wife of Stan Smith and the mother of Hayley and Steve Smith. Francine was born to Nicholas and Cassandra Dawson. When Francine was a young toddler in Big Trouble in Little Langley, her parents gave her up to be in first class on a plane. Not much is known about. Hayley Dreamsmasher Fischer (née Smith ) (Born May 8, 1987) is the overall tetartagonist of American Dad!. She is the eldest child of Stan and Francine Smith and the older sister of Steve Smith. She resides at 1024 Cherry Street, Langley Falls, Virginia. Jeff Fischer is Hayley's husband, having married her long-time boyfriend in 100 A.D.. Hayley's character is Hugo from What's the big ide Template:Cite episode Hayley Smith-Fischer is a fictional character on the animated television series, American Dad!. She is voiced by Rachael MacFarlane, the younger sister of one of the series co-creators, Seth MacFarlane. Hayley, along with her father Stan, was one of the first two characters that were conceived and created for the series. Across the series, Hayley's storylines typically.

Hayley Dreamsmasher Smith-Fischer (born December 8, 1986) is a fictional character from the animated television series American Dad!. She is voiced by Rachael MacFarlane, the younger sister of one of the series' co-creators, Seth MacFarlane. She is Stan and Francine Smith's 18-year-old daughter and Steve's older sister. Hayley, along with her father Stan, was one of the first two characters. Hayley Smith is one of the main characters from the American Dad! TV series who is the daughter of Stan and Francine and the older sister of Steve. She made a minor appearance in Super Legend Heroes part 1 The second cartoon sitcom from the creator of Family Guy, Seth MacFarlane. A pillory of American Ultra-Conservatism played out on Rupert Murdoch's network, it follows the daily life of initially-paranoid and extremely patriotic CIA agent Stan Smith, his over-protective wife Francine, nerdish teenage son Steve, and liberal and rebellious teenage daughter Hayley. The pilot episode explains that.

Kunta Kinte (auch in der Schreibweise Kunta Kinteh) ist der Name einer Figur in Alex Haleys 1976 erschienenem Roman Roots.Wie Haley durch eigene Nachforschungen herausgefunden zu haben glaubte, soll Kinte Urahn einer Familie von US-amerikanischen Sklaven gewesen sein, der auch Haley selbst entstammte.. Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am 12. Oktober 2020 um 15:56 Uhr bear Haley Kay Long34is Jake's intelligent, goody-two-shoes eight-year-old little sister. She, and many others, think she is cute. 1 History 2 Dragon Heritage 3 Episode Appearances 3.1 Season One 3.2 Season Two 4 Skills 5 Trivia 6 Gallery 7 References Like Jake, Haley also has dragon powers. A prodigy in everything else, her dragon heritage, while not yet fully developed, start to express. Lisa Silver is an extremely popular cheerleader at Pearl Bailey High School in and is one of Steve Smith's classmates the TBS animated series American Dad!. In the pilot episode, she and Steve briefly dated although Lisa wouldn't even kiss Steve as he is repulsive. She is one of the main antagonists in the Season 4 episode Escape From Pearl Bailey. She is voiced by Carmen Electra in the. You know those two from American Dad, Steve and Hayley, the group duo. You know those two from American Dad, Steve and Hayley, the group duo. FANDOM. Games Movies TV Video. Wikis. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search Sign In Don't have an account? Register Start a Wiki. Hub Ideas Wiki. 11,881. We made a getaway 'cause Hayley's hard to take dad put the pedal down, we're gonna eat a cheesecake Good morning, U. S. A. I got a feelin' that it's gonna be a wonderful day the sun in the sky has a smile on his face and he's shinin' a salute to the American race oh, boy, it's swell to say good -- good morning, U. S. A. Hey, babe, what you doing? Oh, why'd you get out your paper Facebook? Look.

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He's cool he's hot like a frozen sun. He's young, he's fast, he's the chosen oneJacob Jake Luke Long56 is a young Dragon who appears as a Chinese-American human teenager who lives in New York City and serves as its Magical Protector. 1 Background 2 Dragon Heritage 3 Physical Appearance 4 Relationships 4.1 Trixie Carter 4.2 Arthur Spudinski 4.3 Rose 4.4 Danika Hunnicutt 5 Age By Season 6. American Dad! Threat Levels; Maximum Security; Stan Knows Best; Homeland Insecurity; Nemesis to the North; Stannie Get Your Gun; Characters. Stan Smith ; Roger Smith; Sarah Smith; Danny Fischer; Ryan Fischer; Ratchet; Steve Smith; Community. Recent blog posts Explore. Wiki Activity; Random page; Videos; Images; Hayley and Steve can sing/Transcript < Hayley and Steve can sing. Edit. Classic. We've noticed a few big inconsistencies in American Dad that we just can't keep to ourselves. Have you noticed any that we missed? 15 Jeff's Daughter. via American Dad Wiki . Jeff was once married to a very, very old woman. She had a step-daughter who Jeff loves unconditionally and is very proud of. Despite this, she only makes one appearance and it's when Hayley and Jeff are eloping and.

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Official DisneyLife Website Go to these sites for info or for help with your own wiki! 101 Dalmatian Street Amphibia A.N.T. Farm Andi Mack Austin & Ally Best Friends Whenever Big City Greens Bunk'd Camp Lakebottom Coop and Cami Ask the World Descendants Dog With a Blog DuckTales(2017) Elena of Avalor Girl Meets World Good Luck Charlie Go Away, Unicorn Gravity Falls Halloweentown Hannah Montana. Please Like and Follow us on Facebook for More https://www.facebook.com/spanishricky/ Klaus leaves the family after one too many harassments; 15 years later,.. After a fight with his dad, Steve goes to an all-girls boarding school. Roger realizes that Steve has become stuck in his own zany spinoff sitcom. Meanwhile, Stan is annoyed by Steve's British replacement

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  1. American Dad & Family Guy Wiki. 255 Seiten. Neue Seite hinzufügen. Beliebte Seiten. Meistbesuchte Artikel. Family Guy Synchronsprecher; Bürgermeister Adam West; Peter Griffin; Ernie der Hahn; Seth MacFarlane; James Woods (Figur) Stewie Griffin; Family Guy Episoden Bilder. German-Guy.jpg; 6ACX05.png; 4ACX18.PNG; 4ACX15.jpg ; 6ACX19.PNG; Firends of Peter Griffin.jpg; Rock-The-Wheelchair.jpg;
  2. More Hub Ideas Wiki. 1 It's Our House Now! (Non-Disney Villains version) Comic (DeviantArt stuff) 2 Bubble up but by Steve and hayley; 3 Garfield and The Beanstalk (An animated cartoon storybook, YouTube stuff
  3. Icon of Hayley for fans of American Dad! 1481486. This American Dad! icon contains anime, comic book, manga, and cartoon
  4. Jonathan Long56 is the father of Jake and Haley Long and the husband of Susan Long. He is a normal human being who had not the slightest clue about his family's magical background, so he was unaware that their mother came from a family of dragons. Jonathan Long works as a financial planner. 1 Biography 1.1 Early Life 1.2 Fillmore High School 2 History 3 Significant events 4 Episode Appearances.
  5. a video Wurde hinzugefügt: American Dad - The Weeknd's Dark Secret: vor 2 Monaten by OneRedonkChick: a comment was made to the poll: Hayley oder Steve? Who would Du date? vor 4 Monaten by Jawunlollies7: a comment was made to the photo: Independent Movie: vor 8 Monaten by Registrarse: a comment was made to the poll: Who's your Favorit American Dad Character of all time
  6. Buckle erscheint zuerst in An Apocalypse to Remember ein Mann der in den Bergen lebt, der ein Imagineur für Disney war bis er entschied in die Berge zu ziehen. Er wollte Hayley entführen und sie heirarten
  7. Hayley Dreamsmasher Smith-Fischeris the eldest child ofFrancineandStan Smith. Hayley,age 19, has a younger brother,Steve. They reside at1024 Cherry Street, Langley Falls, Virginia. The family also has a fish namedKlausand a boarder, a space alien namedRoger. Hayley's maternal grandparents areBah Bah LingandMa Ma Ling.Jack Smithis Hayley's paternal grandfather. Her paternal grandmother isBetty.

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  1. Episode ----- Outro theme: Almost a Year Ago (Sting), from John Deley and the 41 Players
  2. Wikis. Wikis entdecken; Community Deutschland; Wiki erstellen; Suche Anmelden Du hast noch kein Benutzerkonto? Registrieren Wiki erstellen. American Dad! Wiki. 22 Seiten. Neue Seite hinzufügen. Episodenguide. Staffel 1 Staffel 2 Staffel 3 Staffel 4 Staffel 5 Staffel 6 Staffel 7 Figuren. Orte. Inhalt. Beliebte Seiten. Roger; Francine Smith; Steve Smith; Hayley Smith; Klaus Heisler; Stan Smith.
  3. Jeffery Jeff Fischer is the stoner boyfriend of Hayley Smith. Episode Appearances American Dad!, Maximum Security, Stan Knows Best, Nemesis to the North, It's Good to Be Queen, Roger Codger (Cameo), Francine's Flashback, Bullocks to Stan, Stan of Arabia Part 1 (Cameo), Stan of Arabia Part 2 (Mentioned), The Vacation Goo, Bush Comes to Dinner, Dungeons and Wagons, The American Dad Afterschool.
  4. American Dad - Hayley Refused To Use Tampon Thanks for watching! Subscribe me! #WatchingSmartSwim
  5. Bernice ist eine von Steve gemachte Freundin aus einem Staubsauger. Sie kommt nur in einer Folge vor da Stan Steve gezwungen hat sich von ihr zu trennen
  6. Roger Smith, also known as Roger the Alien or just known by his first name Roger, is the deuteragonist and central antagonist of the adult animated comedy series American Dad!.He is possibly based on Dr. Roger Adelson who was one of his voice actor's professors. He is voiced by Seth MacFarlane, who also voices Peter Griffin, Stewie Griffin, Carter Pewterschmidt, and Glenn Quagmire in Family.
  7. Watch this American Dad! video, Hayley Doin it, on Fanpop and browse other American Dad! videos
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American Dad!: The Movie is an upcoming 2017 comedy/action/adventure film based off the adult cartoon show, American Dad!The film is distributed by Warner Brothers Pictures and Universal Studios and features the voice talents of Seth MacFarlane, Wendy Schaal, Rachel MacFarlane, Scott Grimes, Dee Bradley Baker, Curtis Armstrong, Kevin Micheal Richardson, Seth Green, Matthew Moy, Olivia Olson.

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